Depression/Anxiety and Disability Claims


What is Depression?


Depression is a mood disorder causing both emotional and physical symptoms that last for more than two weeks. Depression is also referred to as clinical depression or major depressive disorder.

Untreated depression will worsen and make it impossible to work, at which point a legitimate claim for long-term disability is plausible.

The diagnosis of depression entails the careful review of symptoms for their range, severity, and ongoing nature. However, there’s no single defined diagnostic test. A qualified medical professional will analyze a patient’s symptoms and make an effective diagnosis. Seek medical advice immediately you suspect you have depression symptoms and be forthright about the symptoms.

What is Anxiety?

General anxiety disorder or simply anxiety occurs when an individual experiences excessive worry/anxiety about a range of issues for more than six months.

Severe bouts of depression and anxiety will make it impossible to continue working and a source of increased long-term disability claims. A big challenge with the approval of claims lies in the relative invisibility of these two disabilities. Working with Ottawa Disability Lawyers will help you navigate the legal issues involved in handling a disputed claim.

Ottawa Disability Lawyers takes on the burden of long-term disability disputes so that you can focus on treatment and wellbeing. We strive to accommodate the sensitive and individual needs of clients with depression or anxiety.

Contact Ottawa Disability Lawyers via phone or filling out the online form if you have a disputed long-term disability claim for depression or anxiety. We’ll help you get approval or reinstatement of your disability benefits.

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