Motor Vehicle Accidents (MVA) and Disability Claims


An accident happens within a blink of an eye, but the physical injuries may linger for months and years. The impact of an injury resulting from a car accident, fall, or assault may be life-impacting. It may affect the ability to work, physical functionality, and cognitive abilities.

Some injuries are associated with huge expenses that go into home care, medical equipment, and rehabilitation. The termination or denial of a long-term disability benefits claim is not welcome news for an individual faced by loss of income and mounting medical expenses.

The termination or denial of a claim is the last thing you want to deal with after suffering injuries in a motor vehicle accident. Ottawa Disability Lawyers can handle your case and expedite the approval of your long-term disability claim.

Our experience spans many years of handling claims for motor vehicle accidents that result in physical injuries.

Contact Ottawa Disability Lawyers to handle your dispute if your long-term disability claim has been denied or terminated. We give our clients the peace of mind to focus on their recovery and rehabilitation while we handle their disputed long-term disability claims.

After discussing your case, we can offer custom services to meet client needs that lead to a favourable outcome. The timing of the claim denial determines how quickly and effectively the dispute can be settled. Our expertise and experience will come in handy in securing a favourable outcome for our clients.

Contact Ottawa Disability Lawyers via phone or filling the online form if your long-term disability claim is denied or terminated. We’ll take up the long-term disability claim denial or termination for accident-related injuries and other associated civil claims.

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