Multiple Chemical Sensitivities and Disability Claims


Multiple Chemical Sensitivities and Disability Claims


Some people have challenges working in communal spaces due to sensitivities to chemical products such as perfumes, lotions, and cleaning products. Potential solutions would be requesting a change of scented cleaning products for unscented varieties or requesting a cubicle neighbour to desist from wearing specific cologne.

However, some people may experience severe sensitivities, which makes sharing space with colleagues at work untenable. Severe chemical sensitivity may make going to work, going to public spaces, and leaving the house a big challenge since exposure to trace amounts of chemicals triggers a reaction. Such people have a legitimate claim to long-term disability benefits.

Multiple chemical sensitivity syndrome is a relatively new disability compared to other conditions that prevent people from effectively discharging their duties at work. The Ontario human rights legislation recognizes it as a disability and condition requiring accommodation of affected employees by employers.

Multiple chemical sensitivity syndrome is also referred to as sick building syndrome or environmental illness. It is a chronic condition that makes sufferers experience a wide range of symptoms after exposure to environmental toxins such as exhaust fumes, tobacco smoke, chlorine, and other chemicals at work or in living quarters.

Ottawa Disability Lawyers deals with long-term disability disputes so that a client focuses on their wellbeing. Clients suffering from multiple chemical sensitivity syndrome have a big challenge satisfying the requirements for long-term disability benefits. Besides diagnosis is a challenge, skepticism about the disability may lead to denial of disability benefits.

We work closely with our clients to successfully appeal a claim denial or termination. Our lawyers are sensitive to the physical and emotional needs of our clients.

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