Sexual Assault Claims

At Ottawa Disability Lawyers, we recognize the daily challenges confronted by survivors of sexual assault. We are committed to providing support and helping them obtain the disability benefits they rightfully deserve.

Understanding the Impact of Sexual Assault


Sexual assault is a heinous crime that can shatter lives, leaving victims with deep emotional and physical scars. Defined as any unwanted sexual contact without consent, it can have profound and varied effects on the mental and physical well-being of those affected.

Survivors of sexual assault may experience a range of emotional responses, including fear, anxiety, depression, and even post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). These effects can linger long after the assault, affecting every aspect of a survivor’s life from their health to their work, family lives and relationships.

Challenges in Seeking Sexual Assault Claims

For many sexual assault survivors, the journey to pursue a disability claim is fraught with daunting challenges that take an emotional toll. One of the primary hurdles lies in diagnosing sexual assault trauma.

Unlike physical injuries, the psychological impact of sexual assault may not manifest immediately, but rather surface gradually over time. The delayed onset of symptoms can make it difficult for survivors to recognize and articulate the full extent of their suffering, leading to potential complications in the claims process.

Adding to the complexity, insurance companies often exhibit hesitation or outright denial when it comes to claims related to sexual assault. Such responses not only exacerbate the victim’s distress but also hinder their access to crucial financial support and resources.

An adversarial stance from insurers can leave survivors feeling disheartened and invalidated, underscoring the pressing need for experienced legal support to navigate the intricate landscape of claim dispute proceedings.

At Ottawa Disability Lawyers, we understand these challenges intimately and are committed to providing support and advocacy to survivors of sexual assault. Our compassionate legal team stands by survivors, helping them overcome these obstacles while seeking the justice and benefits they rightfully deserve.

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How Ottawa Disability Lawyers Can Help with Sexual Assault Victims

Our team of experienced lawyers is dedicated to providing support and expert legal guidance throughout the entire process. Our law firm has a proven track record of successfully handling sexual assault cases and other sensitive matters.

We advocate tirelessly for survivor rights and ensure that every client receives the personalized attention and care they deserve.

Compassionate Approach to Survivor Rights

We approach every case with sensitivity and empathy, recognizing the courage it takes for people who have been sexually assaulted to come forward and seek justice. Our team strives to create a supportive and secure environment for our clients, allowing them to share their experiences in a safe space.

Dedicated Team of Experienced Lawyers

When you choose Ottawa Disability Lawyers, you gain a team of legal professionals who are passionate about advocating for survivor rights. We leave no stone unturned in our pursuit of justice and are committed to fighting for your best interests.

Transparency, Determination, and Accommodation in the Legal Process

We believe in transparent communication, keeping our clients informed at every step of the journey. Our determination to secure a favourable outcome for our clients drives us, and we accommodate their unique needs throughout the legal process.

The Consultation Process for Sexual Assault Victims

We prioritize the well-being of sexual assault survivors through our compassionate consultation process. We offer a complimentary, no-obligation consultation to discuss individual cases, allowing survivors to express their unique needs and concerns openly.

Understanding the Survivor’s Unique Needs

Our legal team takes the time to listen attentively and comprehend each survivor’s specific situation and concerns. We create a supportive environment where you are heard, valued, and respected throughout the consultation process.

Assigning a Compassionate Lawyer

At Ottawa Disability Lawyers, we assign a dedicated lawyer with extensive experience in handling sexual harassment and assault claims to your case. This will guide you through the entire legal process, ensuring you receive the personalized support you need during this sensitive journey.

Contact Us for Help With Your Disputed Claim

If you are a victim of sexual assault, and your claim for long-term disability benefits has been disputed or denied, reach out to Ottawa Disability Lawyers today.

Schedule a complimentary consultation by completing the online form or calling us at 613-454-5792. The journey to justice and healing begins with our dedicated team of professionals.

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