Group Insurance and Long Term Disability Claims


Denied or Rejected Long Term Disability Claims


Group policies are offered via an employer, guild, union, or professional association. Some are offered automatically as part of a person’s employment, while others must be opted into. It’s important to confirm with your employer if you are covered or not.

Group policies provide own-occupation coverage for a specified period before coverage switches to any occupation. The major difference between the two coverages is the definition of total disability that determines if a claim is approved or continued.

Own occupation coverage refers to an individual’s ability to discharge the duties associated with their job. The coverage extends for a specified period before it switches to any occupation coverage. Any occupation coverage refers to an individual’s ability to effectively fulfill the functions of their role for which they are considered qualified depending on their training, education, or experience. 

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We have represented and helped clients pitted against major insurance providers in Canada in long-term disability claims. We are experienced in how insurance companies operate. Therefore, we anticipate any steps taken to deny or terminate a claim and prepare appropriately.

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