When Would You Need a Long-Term Disability (LTD) Lawyer?

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Disabilities—whether permanent or temporary—can prevent you from earning an income. LTD insurance can help, mainly because most people cannot depend solely on their savings while unemployed. If your disability prevents you from working, you will be able to receive a paid portion of your lost income, thanks to LTD policies. Although most people receive insurance through their employer, it is possible to share the costs with your employer or purchase insurance for yourself. Usually, plans will last until you turn 65. However, it would help to familiarize yourself with the policy because individual policies will vary. If you are seeking compensation, call a disability lawyer today. The longer you put it off, the more difficult it will be to win the compensation that you deserve.

When you could use a disability lawyer

It is not always easy to understand your rights concerning insurance, which is where we can help. Below are situations where you will need the assistance of an expert LTD lawyer.

  • You lost your job. A disability lawyer can help if you are unsure whether you still qualify for benefits after losing your job. Losing your job should not affect your LTD entitlement because the key is that you pinpoint the exact moment you became disabled. However, some insurance companies can look into your situation more closely if you were temporarily laid off and became disabled or if you were on short-term disability.


  • Your insurance company is asking for more proof. Even if your general practitioner has supported your long term disability claim, many LTD policies enable your insurance company to select their medical professional to evaluate your disability. Still, the insurance company appoint a qualified practitioner who has grounds to conduct the exam. Ask a disability lawyer for advice if you have any concerns.


  • Your long term disability claim was denied. Stay positive if your claim was denied. Disability lawyers are very familiar with LTD policies—even if your insurance company initially denied your claim. They also know which vocational and medical documents insurance companies seek to validate your claim. Hire a qualified professional instead of representing yourself because there are firm deadlines in which you have to file lawsuits.


How a long term disability lawyer can help

Be as prepared as you can be for life’s unexpected situations. A significant component of your insurance coverage should include LTD if you live, like most others, on your employment income. Be proactive and consult an experienced legal representative to help you take the proper steps to remain eligible for insurance. A long-term disability lawyer in Ottawa works diligently to hold insurance companies responsible if they have terminated or denied our clients’ LTD claims. A disability lawyer has the experience and skills to secure for you the benefits you deserve from your LTD case—even if it is complex and highly sensitive. 

To reach a Long Term Disability Lawyer in Ottawa, call (613) 454-5792.